Basement Walkouts in Lexington

Whether you’re a contractor, business owner expanding your property with a basement apartment, or a homeowner maximizing on space, basement walkouts are beneficial and innovative features. At Wall Trucking Company LLC, we’ve completed basement excavation for many residential and commercial clients in Lexington.

With a focus on personal taste and customer satisfaction, when we start digging out a basement walkout we don’t stop until you’re happy with the results!

Basement walkouts are a great option for an adult child who isn’t quite ready to leave home but could use a degree of privacy, or for a family with safety concerns. Add light as well as an additional exit to your home by working with professional basement excavation contractors like the ones at Wall Trucking Company LLC.

Enjoy Your Property More

You may be pursuing under house excavation for your tenants or for yourself, but either way, anyone who has a new basement walkout on their property is going to have a lot of added enjoyment.

Do you have an office or an art studio that would be nicer with easy access to the back yard? At Wall Trucking Company LLC, we’ve recommended that many Lexington homeowners go for it when it comes to digging a basement walkout.

Not only will you be enhancing your space, adding light, and safety, but you’re adding value to your property as well. So, whether you’re planning to move in the future or not, you can benefit from this addition, and then get a high return on investment should you choose to sell!

Skilled Workmanship

From start to finish, we put a high level of professionalism and skill into every excavation project that comes across our desks.

We’ll start by assessing your basement and foundation. If your basement is underground, we will need to excavate down to the footings. Scoop excavating is used during basement digging, making this a job for professionals, not your household DIY-fanatic. For unenclosed stairs we may also install a floor drain.

When the job is complete, many Lexington excavation contractors will simply leave the property, but the Wall Trucking Company LLC team comes ready for earthmoving as well. We’ll haul away all dirt and debris. You’d never even know we were there if not for your enviable new basement walkout!

Competitive Rates

Talking about the benefits of a basement walkout is one thing, but we understand that basement excavation cost is also a point of interest.

At Wall Trucking Company LLC, we’re invested in providing affordable excavation solutions to all our Lexington clients, especially when it comes to helping them accomplish their renovation dreams.

Of course, cost varies from home to home depending on basement situation and materials chosen for the staircase. That’s why we’re proud to offer free, no-obligation estimates on every job!

Get in Touch Today

It’s simple to get in touch with us and talk to one of the dedicated members of our team. Just pick up the phone or open up your e-mail and let us know what you’re thinking about!

Even if you just have questions, we’re more than happy to answer.